Hate Mail — December 30, 2011 at 16:03

The buddhists are pissed… (Angry comment on Backpacking India – McLeod Ganj)

@monkeetime: What is your definition of a better society. A society that produces Gentleman like you who is just plain disrespectful, presumptuous and full of hate. C’mon man, just chill and let people be! If someone wants to wear robes and practice Buddhism, they have the full right to live that experience, for good or bad….just like you have the right to keep that miserable dreadlocks and act like an authority on Indian street culture. “Chutiya” is you!


My response:

@alandorjee Ah. Indeed… And yet you try to hurt my cute and cuddly feelings by attacking my awesome hairdo, and call me a “chutia”. Awfully Buddhist of you.In any case… Religion is poison, and it should be ridiculed. I have no time for Buddhists, Scientologists, Catholics or Eskimos.



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