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“Taiwan Explorer” video series (2008-2009)

Taiwan is a mid-size island off the coast of China, half-way between Hongkong and Shanghai.  It is home to the Republic of China, the nowadays seldom heard of “other” China. Run by the Chinese nationalists since they were chased off the mainland by the communists in 1949, it has been enjoying a very strong economic growth and a high standard of life, and is frequently referred to as an “economic tiger”.  Outward looking, the country is heavily investing in education, and as a result there are plenty of opportunities for English-speaking foreigners to go there to teach E.S.L. (English as a Second Language).

This playlist contains 25 videos in which I try to show the daily life, the job, the fun, the drama, the issues, and all kinds of other aspects of life in the Republic of China.

These videos were shot over a period of about 10 months when I was employed by a school in Taoyuan City, just outside of Taiwan’s capital of Taipei.

Working and living there is a very interesting experience. On one side, you are in old China, the sort of China that never had the “communist” influence of the Mainland. Loaded with old temples and shrines, it is a hell of a cultural experience.  Furthermore, being massively mountainous, Taiwan is an outdoorsman’s paradise. But, just when you are craving your McD’s or granola bars, you can easily find both (and more) as the island is fully plugged into the modern world. For expats, the convenience outdoes vast majority of work posts in China, while providing a more relaxing place than Japan.  From the money perspective, Taiwan jobs yield mountains of cash compared to work in Thailand or Vietnam. So, in a nutshell, Taiwan is great!

I have been particularly addicted to the place ever since discovering my job in Taoyuan City as the place is comfy enough, and the people I work with are an honest and friendly bunch, which is rather important. Work is very pleasant (as you will see in the videos), and for the most part it doesnt even feel like work.

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Taiwan’s (and for a while, the world’s) tallest building: the Taipei 101


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  1. It would be very interesting if you travel North Korea and make video diary like the above. Lots of people are very curious about life in N. Korea.

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