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Random North Korea collection…

This page is for those who just cannot let go of North Korea… This country continues to fascinate, continues to pop up in the media, and ever week/month something amazing happens. I love it.

In addition to launching a “washing machine wrapped in aluminium foil” (as their satellite was described by American diplomats) – into the sea, here is a link to an interesting article that explains the recent (April 2012) dog-and-pony military parade thorough Pyongyang where all kinds of fake missiles were being shown to the public. Yeah! They’ll smash the Evil Imperialists with fake, papier-mache missiles. Well done!

Here are 5 links to a video series titled “North Korea – Children of the Secret State” which I found on youtube.

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


It’s a fucking holocaust out there, but, much like last time, people dont care, or won’t care until much too late.  And why?  Because it is more important to live their ordinary pointless lives, working so that they can go shopping, rather than think about some assholes in far away countries.  The one country that could stop this shit TODAY is China, but they don’t care.  They care about selling more  injection moulded crap to the west, not about some starving punks. But the west will never say “Fix North Korea or we stop buying your shit…!” Nope… Everyone just keeps going.

Life is so cheap…

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