Hate Mail — March 18, 2012 at 06:28

“Eating in India doesnt give you diarrhea!” (Backpacking India: Part 18 – Pushkar)

There is drama over the Pushkar video, which apparently is a massive source of hurt feelings…

From Neem0droid

Dude, Seems like you come to India to see monkeys/Cows, lol.. And I don’t want to blame the American Tourists. there are a million good ones,who come to India to understand the culture or experience the diversities..and many more things. Seems like you guys were stuck to stalking animals. lol. what a waste of ur trip…Go to Vegas you wont find no animals there bitches. Eating in India doesn’t give u diarrhea.. Go fuckin eat ur bland salads and breads all ur life dude..have a life..

My classy response:

@Neem0droid: Even though you are an idiot, I forwarded your suggestions to the producers of the show and they are re-writing everything to make the show more acceptable to your superior tastes. From now on, all our videos will be full of praise for local custom and “stuff” while trying to incorporate more spelling mistakes in subtitles to match your level of literacy. And no one in India will ever have diarrhea again. And there will be no more problems. This is the Monkeetime promise to you!


The Pushkar video, much like the McLeod Ganj one, really irks hippies and morons.  Here is another one:

From 69southpole

were you gone there to enjoy or did you go to simply insult the people of India?. Because throughout this video it only seems like your mocking the culture. The kid was offering you a flower and you acted like a complete jerk …the people were asking for money because their poor…lol i hope you fall over in a ditch while whatever it is you stoners with your life.

Righty…  Welcome to India. Stop being a jerk and give us your money! For blessings. Or hash. Yeah… Just buy some hash.

"Dude, the agressive way you deal with street urchins and your sober attitude about travel are TOTALLY killing my buzz..."

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  1. I was in India for 6 weeks and I had the runs for 5 of them. Real story. lol!

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