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Mongolia | Gers Gone Wild

Mongolia is a massive, landlocked, mostly deserted place where the sky seems to kiss the earth and where you easily forget that our planet is home to billions of people.

Not exactly on any major backpacking routes, the country is still seldom visited, as most backpackers tend to roll through the “pancake trail” of South East Asia. Thus the land is an oasis, a place where few speak English, the pristine air is matched by the crystal water, where thousands of horses roam the lush green grassland, and camels are more common than people… On the downside, there is no McDonald’s and Justin Bieber is still popular.

Youtube Playlist for Mongolia | Gers Gone Wild

These 15 episodes are the result of the filming the Monkeetime team completed in September 2010 during a 3 week expedition along the so-called “classic route” taken by vast majority of visitors to the country. Anotherwords, the quintessential Mongolian experience.

The hug delay was caused by the fact that it was all shot in HD, and my Acer computer could not handle THAT, so I needed to lie, cheat and scheme in order to obtain a new MacBook Pro lappy that was capable of doing this job. Then the editing itself took 3 months, and it was a big international effort as the bulk was edited by me in HK, the awesome intro animations were made by one Daniel Mayr in Austria, and additional footage was sent via DVDs/snailmail between myself and Erik who has now been firmly planted in Sweden.

For the time being, Part 2 is blocked in Canada due to some copyright crap, but it is still available elsewhere… I am trying to upload it to the Monkeetime page on Facebook, but Hongkong internet is dog shit and I am getting nowhere with it. Patience… patience…

Watch it, tell your friends, make them subscribe, and all that crap.

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  1. Hey Emil~
    Great Fan of yours from Tacoma Washington here.
    Gers Gone Wild was an awesome stuff man~
    After watching your videos, time and money I spent backpacking Europe was total waste 🙁
    I Should have done what you have done.
    Anyways is there a website link where you can get the info about the tour u took??
    thanks Emil.

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