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“Momo Madness!” – Monkeetime on CNN Go (briefly…)

A few days ago I was asked to make a contribution to a CNN Go article about momos, the Himalayan dumpling whose popularity has spread it like a wildfire to various places throughout South and East Asia.  Monkeetime devotees know that I tend to not care a whole lot about local foods as for me grub is all about nourishment and sustenance, as opposed to the “search for flavour” many people embark on.  But, having spent a shitload of time in Nepal, China, and India, it was unavoidable: every few days or so a steaming plate of momos would be served and yours truly would explore the culinary delights and surprises locked within.

Momos are, in essence, dumplings.  Poland and Russia have an incarnation of them better known as perogies, but their Himalayan cousins take the prize for most exotic stuffings.  Unlike the Slavic cabbage and potato fillings of Eastern Europe, in Nepal and Tibet yak momos are plentiful.  In the ‘Stans and Kashmir you get goat and mutin, and in the far-flung Mongolian steppes horse and camel.  They are served hot (and thus biologically safe!) and you never get the same flavour twice because every restaurant and guesthouse will follow their own family recipe.

On the tourist trail (such as the Annapurna Circuit trek) you find Mars bar, Snickers, and other candy bars encased in a momo, as well as savoury type filled with.. TUNA!  Yes, tuna at 5000 metres is bound to be interesting…

So there you have it. I know stuff about food that isn’t served by a McClown…

"Guys... Let's go to McMomo's!"

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