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Malaysia – Not all insane…

Since I released the “Trolling Malaysia” and “The Naked Truth” videos (both about the idiotic outrage over some hikers who took a couple nude photos on the summit of Malaysia’s Mt. Kinabalu, believed by idiots to be a holy mountain), I had received a tremendous amount of hate mail, which apparently is the norm under these circumstances.  I simply expressed an opinion about an event, not having actually taken part in it, and yet here it was, a deluge of attacks.  Having a PhD in Trollolology I have become rather effective at starting up dialogue, and that simply is the result. However, if you read through the comments on Facebook or under the Youtube videos, you might walk away with the impression that the entire Malaysian nation is full of boundless idiots who only care about revenge, divine punishments, and inserting things into people’s asses…

Well, luckily, not all Malaysians are superstitious, vengeful, mindless cretins.

This post is dedicated to showing the flipside of this story, the multitude of people who are trapped between layers of retards, people who do think on their own, who appreciate the fact that Kinabalu is just a geological structure not a “mass-murdering goddess”, and who do realize that there are more important things in life other than stone-age mythologies that drive people into insanity and stupidity.

Unfortunately, these people cannot speak freely, as they would immediately be under attack by their deranged neighbours, coworkers, and even friends.  Malaysia may have jetliners and satellite TV, but it also has a large surplus of idiots trapped in the 10th century making things very difficult for anyone who is not an idiot.

Reading through this small sample of warm comments, I must say I still disagree on several points regarding respect, god, spirits, etc., but that is fine, the idea behind this post is to show that not all people in that country are the extreme idiots that featured themselves on my Facebook wall.  Additionally, at the time they sent their mail, some of these folks didn’t clue in that I was not up on Mt. Kinabalu. The point, however, is to share the idea that not all Malaysians are bat-shit insane like the relitards that spun this up into the media frenzy it became.  Some, quite possibly millions of them, are normal, friendly, well balanced ordinary people who do not wish to kill everyone who “offends” mountains, or who doesn’t agree with them.

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The screen grabs I am sharing here are mostly from private communications with Malaysians disappointed in their compatriots’ deranged performance, and since I know damn well how tolerant their retarded neighbours are, I have protected their identities by swapping those for those of the religious trolls. Since the relitrolls will not read this sentence, they will most likely start hunting down each other and the fun may continue.  Several screengrabs are not private communications with me, rather, they are taken from comment sections under various web articles.  Since the authors might want to change their minds later on, I decided to blank out the main details of their identities, thus preventing any backlash being caused by me.

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