Hate Mail — December 30, 2011 at 15:40

It’s NOT racist if it’s funny, right? (Angry comment on North Korea Part 13)

  • Way to blame the victims asshole. You think these people are doing it out of free will? they have internalized after generations of abuse that if they don’t do what they are told they’ll be “corrected”. Arguing with common north korean is like arguing with an abused slave telling them it’s their fault they are a slave, while you’re going to get on a fucking ilyushin at the end of your 3 weeks while they have to still live in the fucking gulag. And thanks for all the racist asian stereotypes …



    My response:

    @YoLninYo You are welcome. The people ARE responsible. Just like Hitler didn’t go door-to-door and kill all these people during WW2, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il didnt get to power by jelly-wrestling bears and winning hot-dog competitions. Rather, they got there because too many dumbasses turned their brains in and mindlessly clapped at everything spewed their way. North Korea is not the first to go through this, and certainly not the last.


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