Hate Mail — January 25, 2012 at 11:03

I’m an ugly freak with long girlish hair… (another North Korea comment)

This Crew particularly the ugly freak with the long girlish hair and the ignorant vulgar mouthed one with the Scandinavian accent make the polite and well mannered communist North Koreans the hero’s in this video series. I hope the North Koreans don’t think that the rest of us in the non communist World are like these disrespectful dirty low life’s!

From @frbjoernLA

Some viewers need this... As a suppository...

My reply:

@frbjoernLA I think you meant to say “I like turtles”…

Not surprisingly, I got a response:

@monkeetime No! I meant to say exactly what I said in my comment. I didn’t have Turtles in mind at all! I wrote what I wrote, in case North Koreans might ever watch your videos, they should know that not all the people in the non Communist World are disrespectful filthy vulgar mouthed low life’s like you people. I just hope to God you people don’t represent America.

so I typed some more:

@frbjoernLA Wait…so DO YOU, or DON’T YOU like turtles? Because when I am reading your messages, all I get is “I like turtles”. Maybe it’s some sort of internet glitch…

Anywho… I looked at the guy’s youtube profile. Snooooore…!  Boooring… It’s all videos of priests.  Ask him to upload something fun.  His email address: frbjorn@gmail.com




  1. What’s did you say that makes him think you like turtles?

  2. Beautiful 🙂
    Man, that guy loves turtles so much. It’s almost scary.

  3. Keep on keeping on, man. You guys are great, and you’re one interesting guy. Who the hell cares about what that guy with the priest video says? One generic idiot out of the mould, right? You’re great, and your videos offer a pioneering insight on other lands and other cultures. Thank you for all you do.

  4. Just watched your series on North Korea. First rate shit, man, you should be a comedy writer. Ignore tards like this turtle-lover (could he be more obvious? geez!). Doesn’t he know they don’t get internet in DPRK anyway? Keep rollin, man, you’re aces in my book.

  5. I heard turtle soup is yummy!

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