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FREE TEBIT! – Hatemail from Dalai Lama’s sheeple…

Tebet...Backpacking India (Part 9: McLeod Ganj) regularly brings in some awesome hatemail.  I bask in it.  It is almost universally idiotic, only once every never do I get a message that sort of has a point, except that when you think about it, it actually doesn’t. But most of the time the arguments crumple like a Chinese school building.  This section is dedicated to the fun delivered by the loving Buddhists who just fucking hate it when you ruin their karma shit with your own opinions, and their chakras get all out of whack.  I will save you some time here, and so before you write to me about “karma” and “chakras” not having much to do with Buddhism, I would like to cordially let you know that I don’t give a crap.

Roll it!



Zebraman777333 pitched in, because, like, you know, he is, like, an authority on Buddhism, because, like, he lives in Thailand, and he has a son there, and, like, his son is Half Thai, and by the time your son is Half Thai you win all arguments, because, like, you are int he culture ‘n shit. Like… You know.

Half Thai

There was more though.  About not wanting progress, better standard of life, and such. Because who needs immunizations and an MRI scanner when you can whirl a prayer wheel and pound your head on a temple floor!

Your opinion is invalid...


This one isn’t really hate mail, but it is interesting, and I am sharing it because of my response:


Like in any religion, god(s) have to be defended, because they are so weak and sensitive…  Poor little Buddha…

Buddha RULEZ!!!

I like to live my life dangerously… And nothing is as dangerous as a good ‘ol Buddhist Fatwa!

Death to Monkeetime!!!And then this:



Of course, then there is this stream of bullshit. Luckily, I have a bullshit extinguisher… It’s called “READ A FUCKING NEWSPAPER, INSTEAD OF SMOKING IT, YOU FUCKING POTHEAD”

Bullshit.Random funny…

Heh!If you hate religion, then you must be an atheist-capitalist pig.

No phone for you!Best arguments are made when stoned:

Stoned...Abyways.. there is so much to post…

Foolish freedoms...

I like being told to not talk about Tibetans, because they are special.

I talk shit. Fuck you.

And of course, to the trolls:

Waste of time...





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