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Monkeetime Brunei Fan Mail

Fan mail!


After putting up my video Brunei | Tattered and Brainwashed, I have realized that a can of worms had been opened.  It was a torrent of stupid comments from brainwashed puppets defending their precious sultan and their backwards kingdom.  I found it rather comical, because I was actually not that much of an asshole, and simply listed some stuff that was lacking, while praising others.  I do not like the idea of a lying, cheating, and scheming sultan, so I was quite disinterested in sucking up to bullshit tradition, but then, plenty of people bitch about Obama or Bush and no one would accuse them of being anti-American just based on that.  Here is a more detailed look at my stance on the country and the goddamn “sultan”

Anyways, floating on the sea of dramatic insults and empty threats are a few supportive messages from Monkeetime viewers in Brunei. Here is a look.  These letters are actually some food for thought: what is it like to have a mind in an otherwise brainwashed country?


fan mail 1


Potential wasting away…  That’s the standard way of any banana republic.  This place is not even a republic though…  Just bananas… And Allah. A lot of Allah. Fucking everywhere.  How do you force people to do the Ramadan thing when they aren’t Muslim? What a shithole…


Fan Mail 2


This speaks volumes. But if people see the reception a dissenting opinion gets, they keep quiet.  And nothing changes.  Silence enables the assholes.  I hate assholes. I hate silence.

Second class citizen...


Fan Mail 3


In my humble opinion, that was truly awesome. There are many intelligent people floating on that sea of stupid, but they are silenced, lest they be attacked.

Of course, expats working there also have to watch what they say, though opinions run free:


Fan Mail 4


Hah. Brutarded. Someone is bound to have a fit over this. Heheheheheh… Fuck ’em!


Fan Mail 5



Not exactly a strong opinion here, but neat to see people digging up web articles about this. Apparently there was quite a stir… As there SHOULD BE!

Apparently, in Brunei, if you have the wrong opinion, you go to jail. Some Beloved-fuckin-Sultan that is!


fan mail 8

“Having a voice may land you in jail”.  Chilling.  No fucking glittery mosque for the sheeple can correct the fact that these people are ruled, not governed.

More Fan Mail...



Fan Mail 6


Why fight it?  It is fucking dull… Get over it.  But I guess when the average citizen leaves the country once every never, they don’t appreciate the dullness of the nation.  Check out this next one:


fan mail 7

Then there is this one: not quite fan mail per se, the writer preserved his own opinions on my video, but nevertheless a positive attitude towards discussion.  I disagree with what he wrote (see response), but I really enjoy the tone. I said something, he said something, there is a dialogue going on, exactly as it should be, without fatwas on people for sharing opinions.

Not quite "Fan Mail", but still...

And here is my response.  I think I enjoyed a moment of clarity there.

My response...

I love it.  Travel is very educational, and I love learning in depth about other cultures. Both their awesome aspects, but also their shortcomings. And it seems some people like to watch videos about these things.  I have been lucky to have a very supportive fan base, and it is fun to share my adventures with everyone.

Fan base comment...Oh, wait, this is not from the fan base… This might be one of the others.  Funny that.  If you are interested in what some of the thicker Bruneians have shared with me, visit the “Hate Mail” section.  You will find a lot of very revealing messages there, mostly typed with one finger, full of spelling mistakes, liberal use of “fuck” and general over-reliance on empty threats.  Fun stuff.

Brunei Hatemail!!!


I am sure there is more to come.

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