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Be a dick!

It is my long-standing conviction that in the world of politics, it takes a special kind of lying, cheating and scheming person to make it to the top. Politicians just about anywhere have a unique ability to smile, pose for photos, deliver speeches, and otherwise convince people that they are great… Meanwhile they spin their quite efficient webs of lies loaded with empty promises and feelgoodery, while delivering fuck all beyond a nice job for themselves and their friends, and of course a nice bank account, or two, in the Cayman Islands… Simply put, they are the winners of a big lying contest. They are sociopaths in Armani suits.

Pope Benedict meets Pedo Bear

Pope Benedict meets Pedo Bear

The Vatican, having been around for CENTURIES, is the leader of the game. With their long, greedy tentacles extending to numerous countries around the world, the leaders of this state are some of the most efficient deceivers. Posing with their smiles, petting your kids, talking about Baby Jesus and Virgin Mary, all the while amassing enormous wealth and an even larger amount of power, they are the ultimate sociopaths. News articles mention great speeches about poverty, love, and compassion, but if you think for a minute that the pope retreats to his chambers and wholeheartedly prays to “the Virgin” to save the poor, then you are an idiot…

The Vatican runs unchecked, meddling in domestic politics of a multitude of countries around the world, all the while siphoning money away from education, medical care, and other projects more valuable than temple building.  It has now become a hallmark of Vatican to make such “contributions” to humanity as re-shuffling and hiding pedophile priests or speaking against condoms at the height of the AIDS epidemic in Africa (just when various NGO’s were making headway in educating the locals about basic health practices to stop the spread of the disease). The Vatican is a very successful purveyor of homophobia, not at all troubled by denying a huge segment of the population their basic human rights.  Having a tremendously powerful voice, they get away with their crap, over and over again.

The whole institution is kept in place because of everyday idiots like your neighbour or your grandmother. Their donations, their traditional respect, their obedience: all make them complicit in the criminal activities of the Vatican, which stays afloat due to the wonderfully engineered personality cult around the popes.

virgin marySome of you think that my posts are some sort of delayed “teen rebellion”, “goofy shit that Emil posts because he has too much time on his hands”… Not quite.  I’ve spent past 10 years traveling around the world. Everywhere I go I try to read up on local issues, local politics, local drama. And guess what: the world over, religious leaders, in their finest robes, seem to be the pedlars of the greatest suffering.  Wrapped in theology and sprinkled with tradition, these fuckheads dedicate themeslves to smothering logic, ruining people’s lives, grabbing power, and stealing money.

It’s not just the Pope…  It’s also the Dalai Lama, the Ayatollah, and every other asshole with a personality cult.  It’s the meddling “royal” family in the UK, it’s the Dear Leader in North Korea, and many others.  These unelected sponges claim some special connection with god, Jesus, or some other magical power, all the while stealing from the nations they claim to love so much. Naturally, the Vatican, being a transnational organization, took it to a much higher level.

When I share these opinions I am not only targeting the Pope/Dalai Lama/President/Chairman/Ayatollah/Dear Leader/Fuhrer… I am also targeting the sheeple who think that the Fuhrer is a patriot, the Chairman is a true communist, Dalai Lama a Buddhist, and those who think that the Pope is a Christian… These “leaders” are actually very skilled manipulators who enjoy the respect and devotion handed to them by the blindly obedient masses who have been so deeply brainwashed that they will instantly get offended by my words, but always find an excuse for the Pope/Dear Leader/Fuhrer… The beloved Dalai Lama, who, in the West, is seen as a loving angel, is directly responsible for a lot of ethnic and religious strife in China and India. The Middle East is literally torn apart by religious strife. But it doesn’t matter. Throw in some incense, a prayer, and a holy book, and people will “find god”, while not noticing private jets, palaces, and fat bank accounts.

Nothing is sacred...

We didn’t vote for her!

Secular leaders are P.R. experts, carefully surfing through good and bad waves of public opinion, but still get a good share of fire which (sometimes) keeps them in check. Religious leaders don’t have to “surf”, they don’t have to worry about interference.  Luckily for the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and the Ayatollah, the sheeple are unlikely to question anything “religious”, which makes for easy sailing. The offended sheeple will do the dirty work of threatening the heretics, while the sociopaths dressed in their Gandolf robes grab all, steal all.

And then the Pope gets a new jet, and I receive a threatening letter from some blind, uneducated fool in Poland or Argentina, because I offended their beloved pedophile.

Do your bit. Share your opinion. Don’t worry about hurting feelings, because these assholes are not worried about hurting anyone either. In the 21st century, religious leadership should be marginalized, made fun of, pushed aside, not celebrated.  A healthy number of contrarians have a moderating effect in society, keeping stupidity at bay.

So, question everything. Write. Blog. Post. Comment. Don’t just stand by. Don’t make it easy. Be a dick!


  1. Those of us who work for NGOs have the challenge of delivering services while having to deal with these “Leaders” breaking down everything we try to do for the actual people they are supposed to serve! Okay….rant over….

  2. Fuck yeah. I can’t wait until religion dies. Imagine all the resources that can be used to actually help people? I say keep your holy book of myth and buy a book on science.

  3. I have to agree. These religious leaders and “moral authorities” are nothing more than assholes spewing shit over everyone and infecting those pussies that don’t have the balls to protect themselves from such filth. It’s ok to be a dick; you have to be hard on them both. Really, fuck them both.

  4. I’m not religeous for many reasons however would Monkeetime say the same thing about John Paul II? An answer would be appreciated…

  5. Because that douchebag made a career out of speaking against condoms at the height of the AIDS epidemic. John Paul 2 was a piece of shit in white robes, and is responsible for millions of deaths around the world.

  6. haha love ur style.

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