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“Backpacking India (2009)” – a photo journey

Photography is not my speciality.  Even though I started documenting my travels way back in 2003 using a Fuji digicam which shot grainy 1 megapixel snaps, I only seem to get one good photo out of maybe 1000 trigger pulls…  It is safe to say that Monkeetime is not and probably will not be about quality photos. For that, you better visit Nomadic Samuel’s page.  Sam is a longtime friend of mine who is so ridiculously filled with travel photography talent, that in the photoblogging world he is like a talent-bull wandering about, shitting talent-turds all over a cricket field filled with white clad and clueless players…  It is simply unavoidable that people will pick up some of his brilliant photo ideas from even the shortest of encounters with the guy.






“Huh… this takes photos?”

…but I try anyway.  During the “Backpacking India” project I was mainly concerning myself with video, but still got some shots here and there, while Derek got a good range of photos with his (at the time) newly purchased camera.  Between the two of us I think we got a good collection going…  Here are some highlights.  Ignore the fucking Facebook, Twitter and Subscribe pics, this website blows donkey assholes…


Agra sunset

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For more (and I mean, MUUUUUCH more) visit these galleries on Flickr.

New Delhi






McLeod Ganj


Rajasthani moustache in artwork






Camel Trekking in the Thar



Mt. Abu, Ahmedabad, Diu



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  1. Awesome. Thanks for making India seem that much more accessible to a single female traveler from Asia. There’s nothing like a bit of humor during travels to keep one going. 🙂 C

    • Oh, Roddy. Not only will I never be qualified to drive in India, I was blaery qualified to WALK in India. At one point I stood and said nothing as a cow knocked down my daughter right outside a shop. I saw the cow coming, mind you, and gave her no warning. Cows don’t move all that fast so I should have had ample time to give her some small heads-up. At that point we realized I was not processing some rather important information about simple navigation through India.

  2. Awesome photo’s, found you on you tube yesterday, My hubby and I aren’t long back from 13 weeks travelling India and plan to return this Nov for a longer stint this time.. What a place ah!! heading to Rajasthan for a few weeks to start with then just going to see where the wind takes us for the rest of our travels.. Will def be checking out all you vids over the next few weeks, you have captured the very essence of an explainable extraordinary county. Any tips for climbing Mount Abu would be useful. Also what camera were you guys using, Anyway, massive thanks for sharing your experience 😉

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