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Ashes and riots…

As I type this (Feb 29, 2012), various news channels are filled with reports of riots in Afghanistan (and elsewhere) as a response to some copies of the Koran being burned at the Bagram Air Base.  Being a rabid antitheist, and, for the time being, free of the various forces of censorship which normally shut down free speech out there in the world, I am going to go ahead and label the protesters as a bunch of morons.  Unfortunately, plenty of response has been launched by other people around the world (ass-whipped politicians, politically correct flower child journalists, hippies and various idiot huggers) which makes me lose my shit just about every time I turn on the TV…

A religion of peace... Right...

First:  the Koran (Quran, K-ran, or whatever the fuck you want to call it) is just a fucking book.  I haven’t read it.  Not even close. But it being a so-called “religious writing”, I will just go ahead and state that there is NO FUCKING WAY it is not filled with bullshit stories that should have been left behind when we realized that the world isn’t flat.  Before some Christian monkey gets all excited and clappy here, I would like to clarify that I also believe the same to be true of the all the other shitty holy books such as the Bible, the Torah, whatever stupid writings are propelling the Hindus and Buddhists, and all the other books that belong to the followers of the magical monkey in the sky.

Second:  the Koran is just a fucking piece of paper.  Ok, there is a message in it.  So I’ve the fucking message, don’t freak out and get all fired up because someone may or may not have desecrated the medium. It seems like people in Afghanistan seldom riot about corruption, women’s rights, right to education, medical care, vitamin A, traffic lights and/or clean water.  But some US soldier burns a book, and you throw a fucking tantrum which kills 50 people???

How the fuck can ANYONE respect that?

And what happened to the whole “Religion of Peace” bullshit?  Every religion claims to be the peaceful one bringing awesome things to humanity…  But in the end, religion is only as good as its followers, and in this case, I can’t say anything positive.  Control your fucking temper, you morons!  Imagine what would happen if a mosque got torched in the US every time someone in the Middle East burned the sacred american flag.  Yes, people have symbols, holy books, and other shit that they worship, but they don’t kill (or shouldn’t kill) to protect these, because, after all, they are just some paper… Or fabric.. or whatever.. It’s just.. STUFF!

Yeah! Let's make a better world! Burn a mosque every time a flag gets "desecrated".

A friend of mine shared her opinion with me that the rioters aren’t necessarily representative of the faith.  Sure, not EVERY muslim in the world is out rioting.  And it is perfect time for the muslim-unfriendly media to jump in and misrepresent the muslim world as a bunch of savages… BUT THEN, WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE MODERATE MUSLIMS?  Where is the calm neighbour who says “Mustafa, shit the fuck up and take your kids to school…” I have a feeling that THERE ARE plenty of people out there who see this the same way I do, but they can’t say anything, lest they be burned by the mob of “peace-loving” muslims.

Every time something like this happens, it seems that the muslims lose their shit all over the place and many people die… If I were to go out and make a nice “Burn the Holy Books” video using a Koran, Bible, Torah, and some of the other crap writings so many claim to read and follow, what are the chances of riots happening in the Vatican?  Or Kathmandu? Or Detroit?

(Unfortunately, here I have to insert a message that morons aren’t limited to religious riots, and as some wonderful Canadians demonstrated last year, they will trash and burn their own neighbourhoods for hockey games…)

Clearly, US government has certain plans for the Middle East.  So does Russia, China, and a number of other powerful and influential nations.  These plans are driven by a variety of other things, be it energy policies, strategic control, trade, or whatever. Their respective media outlets will push these policies, and right now it is quite advantageous to show the world that the muslims are a bunch of unstable pricks that cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons, oil, AK-47s, or matches.

Which means that these people, however a tiny minority, are not doing themselves any favour by throwing these moronic tantrums every time something benign and stupid happens.  Yes, it is entirely likely that the riots are not all about the Koran.  They might be a response to shitty US policy in Afghanistan, some grievance against local politics, or a variety of other reasons. I can’t read the arabic on their signs and banners.  But it looks like “moderate” Muslims in other countries can, and support the stupidity, which really DOES seem to revolve… AROUND THE FUCKING HOLY BOOK.

"Moderate muslims" in Indonesia share a message of peace.

There is something inherently unstable in the minds of religious people, but it seems like few faiths can match the stupidity demonstrated by some Muslims.  Rioting over cartoons, rioting over burnings, rioting over this, rioting over that.  Fuck me sideways, these people are like stupid and dangerous animals.  And they are constantly trying to impose their stupidity on others.  If god told you to not draw Mohhamed, then DON’T DRAW MOHAMMED.  I can draw fucking Mohhamed, because to me it is just a hard to spell name. Nothing more.  Imagine if Hindus started attacking beef-eating westerners, because they violate the Hindu proscription against beef…  How long would that last?  God told you to not burn the holy book?  Then don’t burn the fucking holy book, but let me do whatever the fuck I want to do… My book-burning parties don’t hurt anybody, your riots DO.  Jesus told you to not work on Sunday?  Then fuck you, don’t work on Sunday, and don’t come to my shop!

There are a thousand stupid religions out there in the world, and YOURS is no more entitled than the others just because you are an armed child screaming about your fairy-tale book being tossed on the garbage heap.

Guess what: the PC respect for all religions cannot work. Jains believe ALL creatures to be sacred. So you are offending them not only when you eat beef, pork, or chicken, but when you kill squirrels, birds and bugs with your car.  Some tree hugging native religions see trees as holy, so you are offending them with your use of firewood and paper.  But, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” and we only pay attention to the loud, angry groups…  Pardon me, but fuck them, their beliefs are no more worthy than the Eskimos’, but you haven’t heard of them because these don’t show up with a machine gun every time you piss on some snow.

Incidentally, all these people claiming to be talking to god should have their heads checked, because “hearing voices” is a tell-tale sign of schizophrenia…

Dialogue in the 21st century... BC!

In this whole shitstorm, instead of hovering above it, Obama apologizes about the Koran burning…  Can the US have a more spineless president in all this???  Fucking president of the US apologizing because the janitor did his fucking job and burned some trash???  Who apologized for the riots?  Are the Afghans penitent right now for being a bunch of stone-age morons?  Why are all these multinational NGOs helping out in Afghanistan if these people are so filled with seething hate of all things Western that they will kill anyone at a drop of a hat?

Fuck them. No electricity for you!

Fucked up priorities...


  1. Well said.

    • , it closes ehtras.Whatever one might think about Koran, one has to keep in mind this is The book of millions of human beings. Their beliefs might be wrong, no one has the right to be aggressive towards them. Did Jesus behave aggressively towards the Romans and all the other Pagans? Of course not. He showed love. And this is what we all MUST show to ALL of our brothers, those in the right path, as well as those who are being mis-leaded. I do not even wish anyone to burn what was his/her book. Useless.I admire King Roger of Sicily, who, despite of being the King of the Sacred Roman Empire, had, as close friends, Muslims. His doctor was a Muslim. Most of his ministers were Muslims. He ruled Sicily and the Empire in a perfect comprehension with the Muslims. Eventually, some Muslims became Christians. And Sicily has been a pearl, made of the mix of different cultures.I believe if Jesus would have to choose a place as a perfect place, this would be the one he’d choose. And I know deep in my heart he would have never thought of burning or anything of that kind, not even hatred would have touched lightly his heart.

  2. amen brother.Only religian can make good people do bad things.

    • Well put Josh. I would have to disagree smhoweat with the other comment posted though. Love of the truth means, of neccesity, hatred of lies. Jesus, you can be sure, hates the Koran and will one day have his own “burn the Koran day.” Let us not be wishy-washy on that matter. Our principal weapon, though, is to proclaim the truth, as did our Lord and his disciples. Only the Gospel, the truth, saves. Burning a book is not proclaiming the Gospel. How about “read the Koran day” instead? That we might better understand what our muslim friends believe and better share the Gospel with them. We love the truth and most certainly hate lies.

  3. You whine about Muslims going all rage over people who burn their holy book. But who are the people starting it? like seriously, why the fuck would you even burn a book in the first place? for fire? fuck it, you are in an air base.. it seems to me they just wanted the muslims to get angry and therefore start a riot.

    • Sure… BUT: it is still only a fucking book. Dozens of people died in these riots. Stupid, monkey brained morons lashing out, that’s what this was.

    • What, you mean like saving your wteshlros asses in Bosnia and Kuwait? Don’t lay your propaganda on me Muzzie — your evil religion has been invading and conquering people for centuries in the name of your evil little Koran. Islam has murdered around 270 million people since your false prophet invented his nasty religion.

      • I have to say here that ALL PROPHETS are false prophets and ALL RELIGIONS are nasty. It’s just that lately Islam has been in the news a lot pissing me off with their whiny bitch attitude towards trash management…

  4. Burn the bible in the American bible belt and lets see what happens. Rioting about a book is stupid but even more so invading countries based on lies like: Vietnam, Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and many many more. The USA has killed 10 million people since the end of WWII but at least not because of religion. That’s make me really feel good.

    • You are right. But I am not saying “let’s invade them, the world will be abetter place”. And as far as burning bibles goes.. Fuck, let’s do it. All this mess around the world, all this tribalism and division is BECAUSE of these fucking holy books.

  5. Monkeetime, You are occasionally funny and rarely sensible with whatever you say about the world.

    About the burning of Holy Quran, You are right that killing people because of what happened is stupid….because Almight wouldn’t obviously like that.

    And about the people who did it…No comments really

  6. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمIn the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful[1-6] Say: “O disbelievers! I do not wiorhsp those whom you wiorhsp. Nor are you wiorhspers of Him Whom I wiorhsp. Nor am I a wiorhsper of those whom you have wiorhsped. Nor are you wiorhspers of Him Whom I wiorhsp. For you is your religion and for me is mine.”

  7. To take a quote from the movie “Book of Eli”

    IT’S NOT A BOOK! IT’S A WEAPON. A weapon aimed right at the hearts and minds of the weak and the desperate. It will give us control of them. If we want to rule more than one small, town, we have to have it. People will come from all over, they’ll do exactly what I tell ’em if the words are from the book. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again.

  8. Oh come on,man! Yeah Qur’an is just a false book. But how could you declare the Bible is a false book too? How can you explain the great numbers of fulfiled prophecies of the Bible? How could you explain the description of the bible regarding our earth,wherein it says the earth is a circle and it hangs into nothing,technology wasn’t there thousands of years ago. Get a life whinny!

    • Jesus titty-fucking Christ, what was I thinking!?!? Of course, the bible is not stupid. Every other “holy” book in the world is stupid, but the bible, naturally, is all truthiness… Seven day creation story, flying angels, babies popping out of virgins’ vaginas, big boats full of the entire of earth’s current biomass… OBVIOUSLY it’s not a product of some deluded group of idiots in the bronze age middle east…

      • Oh god my sides, this is great

        Monkeetime, it’s unfortunate to say but most of humanity is brainwashed about all of religion. I’m sure you know this, and all of the following I’m about to say, but I’m just making a public statement about it here on your page.

        People grow up with these ideals all their life because of their parental influence – It’s hard for people to come to terms with the contrasting reality of what science and evidence says to what their holy books / the ideals they’ve grown up with, tell them.

        Some religious folks are reasonable… but that’s like having your cake and eating it too. Of course, the world’s evolving with this whole thing… Nowadays less and less people are becoming religious.

  9. I think they should replace the word “christian” with the word “coke”, and “muslim”, with “pepsi”, and we’ll see how fucking absurd this whole debacle really is.

  10. Religion is just a way for humans to project their emotional insecurities and inadequacies into an institutionalized and culturalized context. Reading the bible and koran and would give you the impression that god has the emotional maturity of a high school teenager, which is really strange for an omni powerful, omniscient, and omnipresent deity. The whole “believe in me or burn in hell” is about as an enlightened philosophy as a child saying “mine mine mine”. You’re right, religion is shit. Grow up people, you’re a little too old to have imaginary friends.

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