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Monkeetime is one primate’s experience traveling and working the world, shared with other primates who have a similar interest in life, fun and edutainment. The basic philosophy is this: We are all monkeys, products of evolution, not creation, and we have a limited time to nibble at all the wonders of our world, learn, experience, and enjoy. It is about sober appreciation of everyday life, science, and history, away from the mind-numbing effects of religion, superstition, and ignorance. Perpetually moving from place to place, only casting an anchor to weather out the occasional storm, the life of travel is an amazing ride with no map, no plan, plenty of smiles and even more adventure. One of the chief mottoes is “Carpe Diem”, which is latin for “Seize the Carp”, and here it means having fun, seeing the world, making fake translations of Latin mottoes, and maximizing each day, because there are no refunds on life, and you can’t buy time.

Monkeying around near Mt. Everest.

Monkeying around near Mt. Everest.

On a cold February afternoon back in 2003 Emil loaded onto an Air China flight to Beijing.  His luggage included some stupid crap like shampoo (“What if they don’t have shampoo over there in China?!?”), some Bill Cosby sweaters (it WAS back in 2003), as well as a recently purchased Fuji digicam.

That first China expedition was soon interrupted by the SARS outbreak, followed by a romp through Russia on the Trans-Siberian train, a visit to Germany, UK, France, and then another trip back to China, Tibet, India, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Tahiti, Easter Island, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and some other places that don’t need to be typed here right now.

Then, four years and 27,000 photos later, Emil discovered that his digicam has a video function, and a whole new chapter began.

Another huge expedition through China, Tibet, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Nepal, more India, more Thailand, Mongolia, North Korea, Philippines, Brunei, and so on, was documented with literally TERABYTES of video.  In the process countless friends were made, countless more people were incredibly annoyed, heaps of weird stuff was recorded and shared online, 4 passports were filled with stamps, 6 knees were sprained, couple of languages were learned, 450 kilograms of chapatis consumed, 3 lenses smashed, 120 flights boarded, 1000 litres of banana lassis chugged, several hundred guesthouses visited, dozens of bedbugs murdered, a multitude of T-shirts worn to death, tens of peaks summited, thousands of kids taught english, hundreds of fish consumed as sushi, one disk herniated, a variety of licences obtained, and yadda yadda yadda, 10 years later still alive, hyper, and ready to annoy/educate/share/entertain.

Traveling without learning is like sex without touching. There are lessons everywhere in the world, tremendously valuable lessons which need to be shared.  Going to all these far-flung places and not asking, learning, and bringing the lessons back is a waste.  Travel shouldnt be about shopping, postcards, and being a stoner, but rather a learning experience that makes you smarter, sharper, and better prepared for challenges of your life.  We are often told to travel, but then to just brainlessly conform to local cultures, customs, not question anything.  That is the biggest serving of bullshit you could possibly step in.  Question everything, judge everything, see what works, see what doesn’t. All this learning, as any learning, should be fun, and all fun, as long as safe, should be unbridled.  The irreverent tone of this production is the general refusal to yield to other people’s pressure to conform and be boring, gray, lifeless drones.  All thoughts are shared, and in return, all comments and thoughts are welcome, as there is no censorship on the Monkeetime page on youtube, and there certainly is no self-censorship in the Monkeeverse.



Regularly teaming up with other traveling friends, notably Derek Hanna, Jeremy Kelly, Erik Skyback, as well as heaps of others, the whole production is the product of many people’s creative ideas which are filmed and edited by Emil, usually over a period of several months per project, and then shared on Youtube and Lonely Planet, where they are in turn shared by YOU!  All the shenanigans can be also found on Facebook, as well as Twitter, and so do give us a click, tell your grandma about the whole thing, and feel free to watch while skipping class/work/chemotherapy.

Why?  Because meetings with your boss, or tax audits are much less exciting than Monkeetime videos of avalanches, partying in Tokyo, getting hit by rocks in Nepal, streaking on the Great Wall of China, or finding a plastic bag full of kittens while swimming in the Ganges.

And that’s it.


Keeping it real...

Keeping it real…




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