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A nice message from a viewer…


Hey there,
I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and must say I love them! I want to do the same thing you are doing, traveling around southern asia and other parts of the world with a backpack. Though I have a problem.Little money. How do you manage to have the funds to get hotel rooms/plane/food etc..?
I live in the states right now, but I want to get out! Like I said though, money seems to be the biggest issue. I want to be able to get around safely and back home after I’ve fulfilled my adventure craving. Any advice on this?
Keep Rockin!


  1. Just be careful when you travel with your female partner with light brown hair and somewhat big boobs. You get all the unwanted attention and sometimes its scary. Our hotel manager would not just leave us alone and always had something for my wife to listen to him.

  2. Hi,
    if you travel to South-East Asia, you will soon find that money is not a challenge at all. 
    The cost of high quality food and a decent room to sleep is very low indeed. When you like backpacking you probably do not require a 5*-hotel. I have sometimes stayed in $500 a night hotels but also in $8 hostels. You can comfortably live for a month on a $500 budget in many parts of Asia including Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Malaysia. Even more expensive countries like Japan, S-Korea, Singapore, Taiwan offer a lot more opportunities to live on a low budget and to make some money from your expertise than most parts of the US that I have visited.
    Best regards

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